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find a path forward towards the change you've been hoping for 


where would you like to start?

Sex & Intimacy 

Find a sex life your feel good about, connection, confidence and enjoyment. 


reduce conflict and increase connection.
Create a relationship that is vibrant, healing and a whole lot of fun.  


become a healthier, happier you!

Person of faith

trying to make sense of your spiritual journey? Unsure how to integrate spirituality with yourself, your relationship and perhaps even your sex life? 

hi there,

I'm Annika 
icensed therapist  & clinical sexologist

Most of us (myself included!) have wanted more connection, joy and peace in our lives and relationships. 


And if we are honest, have felt "stuck" and maybe even without hope at one point or another. Wherever you find yourself today, if it's not where you want to be, you don't have to stay there!  You (and your partner) can get unstuck! Even when it feels impossible.


I have worked with hundreds of clients to provide tools to move then in the direction they desire. I support and guide couples as they move them from disconnection to a transformed connection. Individuals from mundane to whole-hearted living.


It takes courage to open up, be real, vulnerable, and to make a change. Yet, these changes are often what leads individuals and couples towards more fulfilling lives.

Working with me you will find warmth, positivity and practical tools! 

Let's connect! Book a free discovery call and let's get started!

Appointments are Telehealth only. 


Happy Man

wanting to regain a sense of personal purpose and direction?


or to feel less blah and more zing!

Loving Couple

have you and your partner begun to feel more like roommates than soulmates?

wanting A Sex and intimate life you feel good about?

Girl Enjoying her Drink
Happy Couple Dancing

wanting to bring MORE vibrancy, connection & healing to your life OR your relationships? 

Ready for less conflict and more connection and fun?


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