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sex + intimacy

more connection, confidence, & enjoyment


de-code conflict & become the couple everyone admires.


deconstructed & ready to reconstruct?
authentic, honest, integrated faith

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hi there,
I'm Annika 
Licensed therapist, Coach & clinical sexologist

Most of us (myself included!) have wanted more connection, joy and peace in our lives and relationships. 

I have worked with hundreds of clients to provide tools to move then in the direction they desire. I support and guide couples as they move them from disconnection to a transformed connection. Individuals from mundane to whole-hearted living.

Working with me you will find warmth, positivity and practical tools! 

Let's connect! Book a free discovery call and let's get started!

therapy + coaching

"TOP 5%"

Less than 5% of therapist in the nation have been comprehensively trained in all five areas of person, bio-psycho-social-spiritual-sexual

Take a listen...

Podcast Interview: Desire, Intimacy & All the Ways They Influence Our Relationships w/ Annika Cook

"Whole Person" approach

I value supporting the whole person- emotional, physical, relational, mental, sexual and spiritual aspects of oneself.

 Wherever you find yourself today, you don't have to stay there!  You (and your partner) can get unstuck! Even when it feels hopeless.


Invest in becoming your happiest, healthiest self. You are worth it!

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